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screw conveyor

Detailed  Description of screw conveyor:

LSY type screw conveyor is mainly used to transport the cement concrete mixing station, fly ash, also suitable for chemical industry, metallurgy, processing and other applicable granary storage bin of the screw conveyor place, the spiral machine of small diameter, high speed, large transport capacity, high precision, good transport conditions. The whole rigid LSY spiral conveyer, large bearing capacity, in the transportation, both the level of transmission, or inclination can be continuous conveying, and optional working position and working condition, disassembly and maintenance is convenient, safe and reliable, is ideal for a new generation of environmentally friendly products.

screw conveyor

Advantages of screw conveyor:

1 screw conveyor adopts high-quality seamless pipe, the overall rigidity is good, can choose the working position and working attitude, no dust leakage, safe and reliable.

2 conveying equipment forming a helical blade, welded to the center tube, can reach a balance, double pitch design, reduce the material is compressed in the transportation level, especially suitable for long distance transportation or cement powder.

3 the screw conveying pump adopts high quality speed reducer, heavy design, large torque, low noise, no oil leakage, long service life.

4 can choose the universal ball joint, so that the installation adjustment easy to turn, at the same time high sealing, and ensure the connection strength.

5 with high quality brand bearings to ensure high efficiency.

6 adequate spare parts, complete specifications, so that users can buy at ease, with ease.

7 commonly used diameter 219, 273, 323, 407 a large number of goods, size and angle can be customized according to customer requirements.

8 the use of standard parts assembly, transportation is more convenient.

screw conveyor
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