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Truck-mounted concrete pumps

Detailed  Description of Truck-mounted concrete pumps :

Truck-mounted concrete pumps is a kind of construction machinery, Truck-mounted concrete pumps  is transformed on the basis of truck chassis, uses continuous pressure to pump concrete along the pipeline. It is composed of the pump and delivery tube.

Truck-mounted concrete pumps with Foldable Booms is developed by jianxin machinery on the basis of drawing on advanced domestic and foreign experience and using advanced modern computer simulation techniques to systematically analyze the effect of changes in various parameters like stress, displacement and natural frequency on the boom’s fatigue life.

Truck-mounted concrete pumps

Advantages of Truck-mounted Concrete Pump:

1, chassis and engine: chassis with Dongfeng Cummins engine, reliable power, the use of days Kam cab beautiful and comfortable. Coagulation pump diesel engine configuration varieties imported DEUTZ, Cummins engines or imported DEUTZ and Yuchai engine. And a variety of power from 130 kW to 140 kW, 161 kW and 176 kW for the user to choose the order.

2, the hydraulic system of hydraulic pump and valve used in Germany: Lishile products. Fluid connections using imported products.

3, pumping system: the use of high and low pressure pump, and pump piston block device. The use of hardened S tube, hard alloy eye plate cutting ring, pump system seal using imported sealing material, long service life.

Truck-mounted concrete pumps

E-mail:manager@chinaconcretemixer.com    Tel:+86-371-86599393    Fax:+86-371-64674111
Add:900 meters east of Xingyang South Bus Station,G310(national highway),Henan,China
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