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Concrete silo house

Detailed description of concrete silo house:

The Concrete silo house is a closed storage of bulk materials for the storage of various bulk materials such as grain, cement, fly ash and so on. Jianxin machinery design of the vertical cement silo with a material level system, real-time monitoring of the location of the material and how much, which is equipped with a hole device, to solve the material due to long storage caused by the material firmness is the ideal storage station tank.

cement storage silo

Advantages of Cement storage silo:

The Concrete silo house structure: Jianxin machinery can be equipped with all the Concrete silo house,cement storage silo as a whole by the high-strength steel plate welded together, the cement storage silo components are: cement silo part, ladder, guardrail, feeding pipe, dust, pressure Safety valve, high and low level meter, discharge valve and so on. In the top of the dust collector on the design of a pressure relief valve, put an end to the accident. Mixing station cement silo scope: The cement silo is suitable for storing all kinds of dry small granular materials or powder, such as cement, fly ash, dry sand, chemical powder, thickening powder, admixture and so on. Usually applied to the mixing station, dry mortar, highways, railways, tunnels, bridges, terminals and other transit bulk cement.


E-mail:manager@chinaconcretemixer.com    Tel:+86-371-86599393    Fax:+86-371-64674111
Add:900 meters east of Xingyang South Bus Station,G310(national highway),Henan,China
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