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60 ton cement silo

Detailed Description of 60 ton cement silo:

cement silo

Zhengzhou Jianxin is a company engaged in cement silo for more than 30 years. The 60 ton cement silo is sold all the year round, the diameter of the silo body is 3 meters, and the height is 8 meters (excluding leg height). Cement silos are manufactured in strict accordance with national and industrial standards. All kinds of steel plates, pipes and channel steels are purchased in large steel plants. The quality is reliable and is in line with national requirements. The whole tank is welded seamlessly, and silos leaving the factory should be taken penetration test first.

60 ton cement silo installation

1, According to the basic requirements of the design map, make the whole concrete foundation, embed the anchor bolts, and install the bolts connecting boards on the upper floor. Correct the four footboards on the same level, dry the foundation and then lock the nuts.

2, check whether the transport process is clashed or weared, connection loosening and so on, repair and fasten them;

3, the hoisting (note the feeding direction and range, the escalator) and foot pedal position welding.

Use and maintenance of 60 ton cement silo

1. Open the unloading valve before use to check whether there is any sundries in the warehouse.

2. The unloading valve is closed when the material is up.

3. Periodically, the lead screw and bearing of the discharging valve are added with lubricating oil.

4. Often check whether the performance of the dust collector and the broken power device is intact, and whether there is damage or not.

The 60 ton cement silo produced by our company has beautiful appearance, superior performance and excellent quality. Welcome come to visit and negotiate.

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