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Problems and tips in used cement silo for sale
Article Time:2018-03-12 09:47

used cement silo for sale

Used cement silo for sale often had a cylinder support structure. The upper part is equipped with dust removal equipment to prevent dust leakage. The lower part is equipped with a broken arch device, which can prevent powder agglomeration and make the discharging smoothly, and it is also equipped with a material level sensing device. It can grasp the material status of the silo at any time.
Under normal circumstances the materials are sent into the silo by bulk cement mixer truck; according to the different structure of cement silo, there are two ways unloading, one is connected with the screw conveyor in the lower part, another way is using gas force to convey (aims at the special structure used cement silo).

Matters needing attention

1. check whether the line is unblocked before use.
2. The bulk cement car opens the tank for 2-3 minutes before it is injected into the tank.
3. When the alarm of the used cement silo is reported, the dust injection should be stopped to prevent the dustproof processor.
4. Wind tone poor check dust filter is blocked, such as blocked the need for timely cleaning.
5. Before cleaning the filter core, it should be bundled with 2-3 lines first in order to prevent the deformation of the filter core.
6. when cleaning, it is necessary to wait for the filter core to be used for installation.
7. Filter core, after repeated cleaning, has reached the purpose of dust removal, should be timely replaced.

Common problem

What do the cement silos need to pay attention to when they are installed at the concrete mixing plant?
The cement silo is the storage equipment of the concrete mixing plant. The concrete installation position is on the side of the control building, and the following things should be paid attention to when the installation is installed.
1. in the process of installation, we should pay attention to avoid the incline of the silo, the deformation of the leg and so on.
2. it is necessary to do a good job of windproof and lightning protection to ensure the safety of the cement silo.
3. legs at the bottom and foundation of embedded parts must be firmly welded together.
4. the foundation must be firm and conform to the standard of architectural design.
5. it is strictly forbidden to strongly impact the leg and bin of the cement silo (bin).
6. check and clean up the cement that is attached to the bag of the dust collector regularly.
7. in order to prevent the cement silo (warehouse) explosion accident, need blocked bag, when bag blocked cabin pressure exceeds the top pressure of the safety valve safety pressure, pressure relief valve can be opened to release the pressure in the silo.

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