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How can the bulk cement silo be used longer?
Article Time:2018-03-02 09:05

In the construction site of the concrete mixing plant, the bulk cement silo can be seen everywhere, which leads to more and more users to buy and use bulk cement silos. As we all know, under normal circumstances the bulk cement silo is exposrd to the air and experiencing to the sun and rain all the year, rust and corrosion phenomenon would easily be seen, then Zhengzhou Jianxin Machinery Co. Ltd. will tell you how to maintain and protect bulk cement silo.

bulk cement silo

First of all: the problem of corrosion: corrosion problem of bulk cement silo is a very common problem, because the bulk cement silo is the raw material of iron and steel, long-term contact with air and water, can easily lead to bulk cement silo rust or corrosion, so we need to maintain the surface of periodic inspection of bulk cement silo.

Secondly: lubrication problem. The part of the bulk cement silo where should be smeared with lubricating oil needs to be lubricated in time.

Thirdly, the problem of electronic components. Some electronic components in bulk cement silo should be ensured normal operation everyday, so it can play the proper performance of bulk cement silo.

Finally: the dust collector problem. If there is a bag filter, then the filter core of the dust collector needs to be replaced in time.

In summary, If you want a longer service life of the bulk cement silo, it is necessary to carry out some maintenance measures. 
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