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Screw conveyor for sale
Article Time:2018-02-23 10:32

Four structural features of the screw conveyor for sale

1. The screw shaft is connected with the hanging bearing, the head and the tail shaft to be embedded in the tongue type. The installation and dismantling do not need the axial movement, and the maintenance is convenient. The core axis is long, the hanger is few, and the fault point is few.

2. Use the variable diameter structure to increase the volume of the hanging bearing and avoid the contact of the bearing with the material, and the life of the hanging bearing can be over two years.

3. The transmission parts are all connected by floating connection. The hanging bearing is a universal joint structure, making the spiral body, the hanging bearing and the tail assembly form an integral floating body, which can avoid rotating freely with the transmission resistance within a certain range, without material blocking and no plugging.

4. The head and tail bearing seats are all in the shell. All bearings are sealed with multi-layer sealing and sealing technology, and the bearing life is long.

Screw conveyor for sale

Shaftless screw conveyor for sale introduction

The common screw conveyor for sale is simple in design, low in cost and widely used, but there are still some shortcomings.

Such as: transporting lumpish, fibrous or viscous material have solid material transportation problems; pressure tendency, the required power will be increased; when the screw conveyor is inclined or vertical layout, the transmission efficiency will be greatly reduced; the conveying length of the transmission shaft and the connecting shaft by limiting the size of allowable torque.

In order to solve the problems caused by the shaft, the technicians designed and invented the shaftless screw conveyor.

The shaftless screw conveyor is mainly composed of a shaft spiral, a U spiral groove, a cover plate, a lining board, an inlet and a discharge port, a discharge port and a driving device. The material is input from the feed port and is driven by the shaft spiral, and then output from the discharge port. The design of the structural form of the shaftless screw conveyer ensures the circulation of the processed materials and is not clogged; there is a drainage function in the working process.

Screw blade of the screw conveyor was formed by casting mould of stainless steel material, which has enough strength and rigidity and the blade surface is smooth, without burr, and has the appropriate rotational speed, effectively ensure that there is no dirt blocking phenomenon in the process of winding, conveying gate slag, while transporting a large amount of under the condition of spiral blade without deformation.

Shaftless screw conveyer has no high-speed running parts, which makes the transmission spiral wear low, the equipment energy consumption and the noise are low. It can run intermittently and can also run continuously for 24 hours. 

Screw conveyor for sale Jianxin

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