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Consolidation of cement silo foundation in mixing plant
Article Time:2018-02-05 10:13

In the concrete mixing plant, cement silo is indispensable, cement silo foundation is used to protect the fixed cement silo. In order to prevent the collapse of cement silo, a good foundation is the most important step in the installation of cement silo, thus ensure the later program of foundation smoothly.

cement silo foundation

The following aspects of the foundation of the cement silo should be paid attention to:
First of all: before making the cement silo foundation, there should be a professional foundation drawings. Manufacturers must be required to complete the foundation map production according to the height, weight and leg height of the cement silo. The depth of the foundation pit should not only combine with the situation of the cement silo itself, but also combine the local construction environment and natural climate factors to make the foundation map. General cement silo manufacturers are more professional production enterprises, so the majority of users are assured of the use of the factory's cement silo base map.

cement silo

Secondly: with the drawing, we can dig the drawing line according to the size of the drawing. Remind the user to prepare steel, electric welding and cutting machine tools and other necessary accessories according to the specific requirements of the drawings. The construction site must also have concrete to pour the foundation. Take care not to build it in rainy days. When it is built, it is necessary to solidify for a week or so that the installation of the cement silo can be carried out.
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