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Customization of cement silo
Article Time:2018-01-29 14:31

Customization of cement silo

As a special storage and unloading tool for concrete and other materials, cement silo has a very high cost performance and is greatly respected by numerous customers. However, due to the diversification and variability of actual production, the common tonnage of cement silo equipment often can not fully meet the needs of customers, this time you need to professional custom cement silo, but how to customize the cement silo? And where to customize it?
First of all, customize special-size cement silo is not simble as people imagine that the lenghen and thicken the silo. If you want to customize the special tons of cement silo equipment, from design to production and the actual use, considerate the following three points:
1), expected loading capacity. This is a very easy to think of, the general need for special customization, the expected loading capacity is certainly not the general from 30T ~ 300T, according to experience, custom bulk cement silo capacity can often reach 500T or even 1000T, this capacity need to combine the bulk of the load bearing capacity of cement silo, warehouse body wind resistance capacity, warehouse body dust collector and broken arch dust removal and arch capacity, screw conveyor length and maximum conveying capacity of the pipeline to conduct a reasonable design.
2) unloading speed. Unloading speed has always been a challenge for custom who customerized large tonnage cement silos. Cement silo with large capacity will certainly affect the unloading speed. Therefore, at the beginning of the design, you should consider the tailor-made cement silo unloading speed.
3) Residue rate. As in point 2, when large-tonnage cement silos were unloaded after full silo, their broken arches had a relatively weaker effect than small-tonnage silos and the residual content of cement and other materials in cement silos increase. The residual rate is too high on the one hand is not conducive to the cleaning and maintenance of cement silos; on the other hand, it also resulted in the waste of resources such as cement and concrete, virtually increase the production costs of enterprises.

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Add:900 meters east of Xingyang South Bus Station,G310(national highway),Henan,China
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