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Cement silo volume calculator
Article Time:2018-01-09 09:16

Cement silo volume calculator

Calculation method of volume of cement silo calculator

First, an overview

The pneumatic unloading portable cement silo is a special vehicle for transporting cement. It is equipped with a cement silo and its internal accessories and an air compressor is set on the two chassis of the vehicle. The air compressor takes the automobile engine as the driving force, compresses the air into the lower chamber of the silo, makes the cement on the fluidized bed fluidization. Under certain pressure, the cement is transported to the tower through unloading. The tank is an important part of gas unloading bulk cement vehicle, which includes determining the effective calculation of cement silo volume calculator, gas chamber volume, the overall arrangement of the whole vehicle, the rear axle to prevent overload. Ensure the discharge efficiency and speed is especially important. Determine the effective volume of the tank is one of the key design. Due to the layout of fluidization bed, inclined baffle and so on, the silo body must be arranged in a complicated way, and the tank body is irregular. Therefore, it is difficult to determine the effective volume of the cement silo calculator. In fact, the simplified method can only be used to estimate the cement silo volume.

Two, the calculation method of effective volume of Jianxin. As an important part of gas unloading bulk cement vehicle, cement silo mainly includes vertical, horizontal, inclined, lifting and full hanging and semi hung models. In the overall layout of the whole vehicle, the horizontal type does not affect the main performance of the chassis, so it is the development direction of the medium and low tonnage gas unloading cement vehicles. The horizontal tank consists of the barrel and the head. The whole cylinder cylinder, cylinder and eccentric shaker combination and the combination of cylindrical and rectangular inclined frustum body type. Considering the need for fluidized beds in the tank, when the total volume is the same, the third forms are larger than the first two forms, and the fluidized bed is convenient.


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