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Introduction of screw conveyor corp
Article Time:2017-12-22 09:58

screw conveyor corp

Looking for a environment-friendly screw conveyor corp, then Jianxin is your first choice. The screw conveyor produced in Jianxin concrete silo manufacturer has a simple structure, low production cost, strong sealing and unloading convenient operation and other advantages. The middle can be equipped with multiple points and no need for mobile driving device. When removing the bearing, it does not need to move the screw. The bearing can be lubricated without dismantling the cover plate. The finished machine has high reliability, long life, strong adaptability and convenient installation and maintenance.

The screw conveyor is not suitable for weighing the deteriorating, sticky, easily caking materials. These materials will be glued to the screw when they are transported, and then they would not move forward or rotate, or even form plugs of materials at the hanging bearings, as a result the screw machine will not work properly. Jianxin screw conveyor conform to the international standards, can be used in horizontal or inclined angle mining environment, single screw conveyor with closed conveying, good sealing performance, can avoid the environment pollution of dust, improve working conditions, with stable feeding, can realize the characteristics of gas lock, can also eliminate the phenomenon of material flow. The diameter of the spiral is from 200 millimeters to 500 millimeters, and there are five specifications. The length is from 4 meters to 70 meters, and 0.5 meters each. The type selected meets the standard nominal length. Special needs can be further raised in the selection section.

In addition to conveying cement, cement screw conveyer can also transport sludge, sand, flour, salt and so on. The use of tubular screw conveyor in cement transportation is not easy to fly. It can reduce waste and reduce environmental pollution. It is a good cement conveying equipment. But how to choose the type of cement screw conveyor? And how much is the price of a cement screw conveyor? The types of cement screw conveyor are various, the price is also uneven. Many users are more concerned about how to choose the right type and price of the equipment. Jianxin screw conveyor corp will explain to you in the following few days.


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Add:900 meters east of Xingyang South Bus Station,G310(national highway),Henan,China
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