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Three aspects of ensuring cement silo safety
Article Time:2017-12-18 10:43

cement silo house

Cement silo is an indispensable part of concrete mixing plant. Improper use or maintenance will cause incalculable serious consequences. So in the use of cement storehouse, what jobs should we do to ensure the safety of cement silo?

1. Dust removal

Modern cement silos are equipped with dust catcher. Reduce the volatilization of bulk materials by dust remover. When using cement storehouse, we can not ignore the check of dust collector, clean up the dust inside regularly, check whether the bolts and nuts are loose or not, so as to ensure the dust removal effect. In addition to prevent cement silo (bin) explosion accident, need block bag,. When the cabin pressure  of bag exceeds the top pressure of the safety valve safety pressure, pressure relief valve can be opened to release the pressure in the silo.

2. Maintenance

The safe use of cement bin is not only based on the correct operation, but also on the later cleaning and maintenance. Therefore, regular maintenance and cleaning can not only ensure the safety and efficiency of cement silo, but also prolong the service life of the cement tank. Therefore, the correct use of cement bin is especially important. For example: regular cleaning of cement silo, check whether the appearance of the paint is corrosion, whether the various components of the lubrication is in right place and so on, which can not be ignored in the details of maintenance.

3. Leg aspect

The leg is the fixed device for a cement silo house, the huge weight of the whole cement storehouse is supported by the leg, therefore, the importance of legs is self-evident. Neglecting the leg problem is equivalent to the ignoring the security of the cement silo, therefore, the use of cement silo should always pay attention to whether the legs deformation. Once deformation occurs it should be repaired or replaced and rewelded at once.
In order to ensure the service life of the cement silo and the safety of the work, we must not ignore the above three aspects. If you want to know more about concrete mixing plant, please call website phone consultation. Zhengzhou Jianxin as a professional cement silo manufacturer, which is willing to serve every customer wholeheartedly.

E-mail:manager@chinaconcretemixer.com    Tel:+86-371-86599393    Fax:+86-371-64674111
Add:900 meters east of Xingyang South Bus Station,G310(national highway),Henan,China
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