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How to determine the screw conveyor design parameters?
Article Time:2017-12-18 09:59

screw conveyor design

The design parameters of the screw conveyor are determined according to the scientific calculation of the data of the user's actual transportation distance. Moreover, according to the data of user requirements, the theoretical calculation data must be higher than the actual requirement. In the actual enterprise production, there will not be enough transportation volume. When carrying out the design of conveyor, we should also consider the space of user site and the problem of placement. For example, if the conveyor needs mountion plate, whether the size of the user site is suitable for the choice of pipe or slot. All these problems need to be taken into consideration of designers and salesmen.
In the screw conveyor design, the productivity and power of screw conveyor are determined mainly according to the specific gravity of the conveying material, the conveying distance and the inclination angle. There are mainly two kinds of design parameters for conveyor, one is design constant, which is based on objective rules and specific conditions, or known parameters. The other is set as a variable. It is a structural parameter that needs to be determined in the design of the conveyor.
(1)  Transport capacity
The transport capacity of a screw conveyor refers to the amount of material transported within a unit time. The mass or volume of the conveyed material per hour is calculated when the bulk material is transported.
(2)  Transport speed
Improve the transport speed can improve the transport capacity. But the high speed screw conveyor needs to be pay attention to the problems of vibration, noise, starting and stopping. Take the tube type screw conveyor as an example, the transmission speed should not be too large to prevent the increase of the dynamic load. At the same time, other conveyor with process operation, the speed of transportation should be determined according to the production process requirements. If the abrasive pecking of the material is large, the speed of the screw conveyer should not be too high, otherwise the blade will be worn soon.
(3)  Component size
The size of the screw conveyor includes the diameter of the pipe, the width of the tank, the width and thickness of the helical blade, the size of the discharge port, the diameter of the pipe and the size of the feed port. The size of these components directly affects the conveying capacity of the screw conveyor.
(4)  Transport length and dip angle
The length and angle of the transmission distance directly affect the total resistance of the screw conveyor and the required motor power. The general conveying angle of the trough screw conveyor is not greater than 10 degrees, while the tubular screw conveyor can be placed horizontally or tilted, and the inclination angle is not greater than 90 degrees. The transmission distance is related to the selection of motor. If the distance is too large, the motor power should be increased and the reducer is added.
Screw conveyor is of great practical importance for reducing heavy manual labor, improving labor productivity and realizing mechanization and automation of material transportation process. 
The future development direction and trend of screw conveyor design of Jianxin cement silo manufacturers
1. large capacity, high speed, long service life; 
2. low energy consumption and low energy consumption; 
3. the intelligent development; 
4. spatial flexible transportation; 
5. the composite transportation, toward large-scale development; 
6. expand the scope of use; 
7. the awareness of environmental protection design, reduce pollution to achieve the goal of green design.


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